My Company

On receiving my company info, I almost immediately took a guess at what it was all about just by reading the name – Genesis Energy. I clicked on the link and had a read of the company’s website. As I suspected it is an energy company, selling electricity, natural and LPG gas and is the largest of its kind in New Zealand. I was a little disappointed that I didn’t get allocated an Australian company at first as it would have been good to be able to relate it to a location that I know. I also thought “Great, an electricity company, how boring!”. However after reading the most recent annual report, I am pleasantly surprised with their approach towards using renewable energy and they actually have specified targets to replace all coal based energy. I actually thought how far behind Australia is in this particular area, which is unfortunate because it is a possible target and we could be at the forefront of this technology.

I had a hard time reading the financial reports at first (and I still don’t fully understand them) however I can see that Genesis Energy have made profits and all while being customer focused. Giving their customers control over there energy supply and usage is a large part of their business model and they have introduced new technology to make this possible and successful. In the last year their customer base has grown considerably, partially because of this strategy, along side the acquisition of another gas company, to add to the company’s portfolio.

The following are some links that may give some insight into Genesis Energy and what they do:

Genesis establishes a pathway to a coal-free electricity future

The Local Energy Project

And so it begins….again!

Hi everyone!

My name is Tianie and this is my first term studying Accounting and the first and hopefully only time I have to write a blog. I am usually quite a private person and I am ‘the lone ranger’ when it comes to study. Apparently not a good combo for this course :/

As usual I have left this to the last minute. Yes, I am that student. The one that enrolled late, didn’t do the readings til Friday morning and am still playing catch up. You would think that having studied previously at CQU (Law) that I would have learned my lesson. But when lecturers keep handing out HD’s I stupidly tell myself that I work well under pressure. My body argues otherwise with a cold sore appearing this morning, and it’s only the beginning of week two! Add being a perfectionist to the mix and guess what? My house has never been more spotless and all those things I have been putting off for the past 12 months I have completed in the last week.

I am enjoying Peerwise though, maybe because it helps me procrastinate but at the same time I am actually doing something?

A little about me…

My partner and I, and our blended family (kids, dogs, horses and cat), recently relocated from the beautiful Whitsundays to Warwick (not looking forward to winter) after my partner was involved in a horrific motor vehicle accident in September last year. He sustained multiple injuries and ended up losing his lower left leg. So of course I while all of this is going on I decide to attempt another degree.

If anyone feels like I am writing about their life and can relate I would love to hear from you even if its just so I don’t feel like I’m the only one with all my balls in the air at once.

Drop by and say Hi!!